It was impossible to feel alone in a room full of books.

- Riley Redgate, Noteworthy

Punjabi Poems

Below is the collection of all Punjabi poetry books. Happy reading!!

Lafzi Khwab by Atamjot Singh
Lafzi Khwab
By Atamjot Singh
Loha Kutt By Balwant Gargi
Loha Kutt
By Balwant Gargi
Mainu Vidha Karo by Shiv Kumar

Mainu Vidha Karo
By Shiv Kumar

Tere Ghar Di Diwar by Dr. Kuljeet Kaur
Tere Ghar di Deewar
By Dr. Kuljeet Kaur

Aftaab Kaav Sanreh By Mandeep Khanpuri

Aftaab Kaav Sanreh
By Mandeep Khanpuri

Loona by Shiv Kumar Batalvi

By Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Kade Tan Mil Zindagi by Artinder Sandhu
Kade Tan mil Zindagi
By Artinder Sandhu
Suhaaviaan ruttan din suhelrre By Jaswinder Kaur
Suhaaviaan Ruttan Din Suhelrre
By Jaswinder kaur
Aate Dian Chirian by Shiv Kumar Batalvi
Aate Dian Chirian
By Shiv Kumar Batalvi
Sabh Ton Khatarnaak – Paash

Sabh Ton Khatarnaak
By Paash

Rani Tatt By Harmanjit

Rani Tatt By Harman

Lajwanti by Shivkumar Batalwi

By Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Poetry by Surjit Partar

Poetry by Surjit Patar

Punjabi Virsa by Mangal Hathoor
Punjabi Virsa
By Mangal Hathoor
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